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Revamping the look

Person \(\pi\)

Date : 21 Jun 2020, Sunday
Location : LPCUWC, Hong Kong

Dear reader,

Looking back at my first post from 20 Jul 2018, I am grateful that I was able to continue writing my blog over the years (although not consistently). Now, I decided to continue my habit of blogging to keep track of good things in my life, reflect upon everything and share useful things with others.

To continue to do that, I need my blog to be quick and beautiful, and thus today, I successfully revamped it from scratch. The entire blog uses vanilla code (meaning no external framework is used in coding - except KaTeX). I do really love the new look. It is made to stay consistent with the theme of my personal coding portfolio site.

Now my blog looks like this.

Today, I am finally happy to begin writing on the fresh new blog from now on.


If you want to know more about my work-related information, please visit my personal website.

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