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When roomies were there - Part 2

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Date : 06 Jun 2019, Thursday
Location : Wu Kai Sha Pier, Ma On Shan, Hong Kong

Dear reader,

I am going to continue from the previous post.

Moreover, our school is going to get renovated next year and there will be a solar panel project on the entire campus. Therefore, the school will not look the same anymore when we come back. For the renovation, they plan to move the entire library, resulting in the removal of books. Most of the books are donated to the NGOs but some of the books which are not wanted by the NGOs are returned back to the library (for instance, books like ‘Solid State Physics’ and ‘Modern Organic Chemistry’, and many other interesting books). The library ended up giving the books to any student who wants it for free. I took a few mathematics and science books, and I plan to have a mini-library in my room next year. (Or, I will return the books to the library if the school wants it back, after renovation).

Then, there comes the day when our second years left. We take them to the gate and said goodbye. There were many students crying, hugging each other and shouting ‘we will miss you; we love you.’ For the year one students, the classes continue for the next two weeks before they can go back. These two weeks are intense. We have to carry out all our experiments to write our science Internal Assessments (IAs). For me, I did an experiment of dropping a basketball from the rooftop of the academic building. Setting up the pulley system was enjoyable, yet challenging experience.

(My mathematics IA scratch papers, LaTeX will render them nicely later)

(Imitating Galileo in the 21st century)

Unfortunately, the day the second years leave coincides with my birthday. So, there was no chance for a surprise party. Still, I got some good presents – a comfortable chair and a cute drawing of me, in my Chinese dress by my Thai co-year. I later coloured her sketch and made some modifications and make it into my Facebook profile picture.

(Her initial sketch, based on my Chinese Cultural Evening outfit)

(My final touch, '白坤' 是我的中文名字。)

(Despite chaos during the second years’ departure, my tutor baked me a delicious chocolate cake to celebrate my birthday.)

After everything, I did not plan to go out again. My initial plan was to be a butterfly cocoon inside my room until I fly back to Myanmar. Still, miracles do happen. I somehow got a ticket to go an enjoy a Tibetan theatre performance called ‘Red Poppies.’ To confess, I have not been to a theatre since I was very small. I am really grateful for the ticket and I enjoyed the performance, especially the pentatonic Asian music, costumes and the special effects.

For no reason, I ended up going out alot.

(Another trip into Hong Kong to explore the Sham Shui Po, where you can get ‘super strong magnets, which can screw up your electronics, for super cheap price’ – quoting my physics teacher)

(and one last mindful walk to the beach)

After so much exploring, we have to start packing and get everything ready. Overseas students like me get a space at the school to store our stuff over the summer. After cleaning the room and packing, there is a long wait for me, until now. To spend the time alone, I ended up walking around the campus and walking around the beach. I now need to sleep for my flight tomorrow. I will update more after I have arrived in Myanmar.

Thanks. Keep in touch.


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