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When roomies were there - Part 1

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Date : 06 Jun 2019, Thursday
Location : Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dear reader,

My first year in LPC is over and here I am, sitting alone in the empty room after all my roommates have left, waiting for my flight tomorrow. If you have ever watched the BBC Television series, Doctor Who, I am currently the doctor without any companion. (Anyway, I got some companion from my trustworthy Indonesian co-year later).

So, I will be reflecting on what has happened since the last time I wrote. After the Year 1 Exams, all the first-year students are free for a while but all our second years are extremely busy and pressured, fighting the real battle, May IB Exams. I tried hard not to disturb them and tried to have fun on my own instead. Once, I went out to watch the Pokémon movie ‘Detective Pikachu’ with my teacher and a co-year.

First of all, on a nice sunny Saturday, I planned a day long walking expedition across the Hong Kong with my friend. If there is free time to roam across Hong Kong during my time here, without worrying about the deadlines, this is the only opportunity. We took the MTR a few stations from the school and start walking from Mong Kok east station, to the central, then take a ferry to the Hong Kong islands. It was a tiring walk, but it was worth it. I got a chance to explore some aspects of Hong Kong which I did not know before and even got a chance to help a mainland Chinese person navigate to Jason Marz’s concert.

(I said goodbye to Bruce Lee)

(View from the ferry)

A few days later, the IB Examinations ended, so it was a relief for our second years. However, they need to leave soon after their examinations, so our roommates decided to spend together as much as possible. For instance, our roommates (and our honorary extended roommates) participated in this year’s lip dub as a room. See this year’s lip dub below.

Also, after the exams, our amazing second year roommates prepared lasagna dinner for the whole room. Although it may be culturally offending, I kept my tradition and ate the lasagna with chopsticks.

Finally, it was the day of the graduation of our beloved second years. After the inspiring speech by my Mexican co-year, Vale and my second year, Joshua, and the principal and the guest speaker, we awarded the prizes for the year group and awarded the LPCUWC diploma for the second years. We shouted their names and applauded as each of them go up the stage. It was a bittersweet moment because you are happy for them since they are graduating, but sad because they are leaving very soon after this.

(Graduation ceremony is held at Chinese University of Hong Kong)

(a group photo with my buddy, featuring my extended buddy)

Before our second years leave, they pass down their earthly possessions to the first years for them to use next year. Some of the items are pretty useful. For me, I got a better chair, a bookshelf and the entire electronic workshop of a second-year electronic enthusiast because he knows I am crazy about physics. So, I will have a mini electronics lab in my room next year and also, I am planning to join the Soft-Robotics QC (extracurricular activity) at my school. Next year is going to be exciting.

(Resistors, Resistors, Resistors, you make me think of Kirchoff's laws)

I think the post is too long, therefore I will split the latter part into another post.


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