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In search for Pentatonic

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Date : 21 Jun 2020, Sunday
Location : Starfish Bay, Ma On Shan, Hong Kong

Dear reader,

The Year 1 Exams and the SATs are over, so I am currently free for a while before I start working on my schoolwork again. My term 2 is about to be over soon and I hope the exams and the SAT scores are good.

Recently, I have bought a Chinese bamboo flute (笛子) and currently, I am trying to learn to play it. Back home, I once tried to craft my own PVC flute after learning about waves in Physics but as you know, DIY quality is DIY quality. My expectation is that I can play a few basic songs by next year graduation. These days, I have been playing that flute on a beach near the school for some time.

Speaking of music, let me share you some of the songs and bands which I have been recently listening to. I mostly listen to Chinese/Japanese traditional instrumental music. They are not really as popular as the western ones, but I have a tendency to get out of the norm.

Wu - Andy Lau (Shaolin Movie Soundtrack)

This is the soundtrack from the 2011 - Hong Kong movie 'Shaolin.' The movie is about a Chinese warlord (Andy Lau) who was betrayed by his second-in-command. Finally, the warlord decided to become a Shaolin. The movie soundtrack was sung in Chinese by the main actor, Andy Lau himself and it is very emotional. It discusses a lot about being content. I listen to it frequently and it will remain one of my top essential songs on the playlist.

Onara - Dae Jang Geum Soundtrack (Korea)

This is a song from a Korean Drama (Dae Jang Geum) when I was very little. It was the time when the dinosaurs walk the earth and the humans used to watch television. My family would gather in front of the television set at 6:00 in the evening not to miss the daily episodes. The song is composed of pure Asian pentatonic scale and the melody sticks in my head. This is probably the reason why I get so addicted to Asian culture and I am sure that I will be listening to this for a long, long time.

Studio Ghibli Movie Soundtracks

A classic from Totoro - The Path of the Wind by Joe Hisaishi

My all time favourite

A song from my first Ghibli Movie

童話 (Tong Hua - Fairy Tale) - Michael Wong

I discovered Tong Hua while on my Project Week Trip to Beijing with friends. One of my friends is addicted to this song and I had a chance to listen to it, only to find out that we also have a Myanmar version for that. Regardless of the lyrics, I really enjoyed the tune but the lyrics make even more sense in the original Mandarin song. So, it is added to my favorites.

Wagakki Band (和楽器) - Japan

It all started five years ago when I first come across a video on youtube titled 'Traditional Japanese Modern music,' which featured eight musicians playing a mixture of Japanese traditional instruments and rock music instruments. The way they blend traditional and modern music is just perfect and I really enjoyed it without knowing who these musicians are. I discovered that they are a Japanese band called Wagakki a few months ago (thanks to Hong Kong's wifi). This is exactly the type of band I am hoping for and I became so addicted to their songs after a while. Here are a few of their top hits. (They are not only cool in their music, but also visually in their music videos)


Akatsukino Ito


Total War: Three Kingdoms soundtracks (Game music)

Introduced to Total War: Three Kingdoms by my younger brother before my departure to Hong Kong, I know that it is a game with pretty cool graphics and music. After chasing multiple epic Asian traditional music on youtube, I stumbled across Total War: Three Kingdoms again - and now with a little bit of Mandarin ability, I can decipher some of the words, making the songs even more enjoyable.

Cao Cao's theme

Sun Jian's theme

Red Cliff (Movie soundtrack)

Another brillant movie about the Battle of the Red Cliff from the Three Kingdoms by Jon Woo. This soundtrack is just addicting, especially the first a few notes.

The Hu - Mongolia

These two videos are recommended by YouTube and I accidentally clicked them. It was one of the best accidents which happened to me in my life. Mongolians are just awesome.

Yuve Yuve Yu

Wolf Totem

Dangiin Daavuun Maihan - The Colors (Mongolia)

After coming across the HU band, I nagged my Mongolian friend for the accurate translation of the lyrics and he did a good job. He recommended even more Mongolian songs to me and this song is the one which passed my test. It combines nice guitar and good Mongolian lyrics.

我的新衣 - VAVA

I mostly listen to traditional Chinese instrumental music. However, I was introduced to some modern ones by my Cantonese peers and this is one of the tunes which stuck in my ear. The title '我的新衣' loosely translates to 'my new clothes.' Anyway, it is a good Chinese listening practice.

Made In China - Higher Brothers ft. Famous Dex

This is a highly popular song in the school. So, I should at least listen to it myself.

That's all for my playlist and I hope you enjoyed it. It is only a few weeks left before I leave Hong Kong for Myanmar. So, I will write as much as possible about my expereince here in the days remaining.


If you want to know more about my work-related information, please visit my personal website.

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