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02 Aug 2020, Sunday
Location : Yangon, Myanmar

The Painting Maniac

Technically, I do not qualify as an artist because my hands execute the brush strokes without intentions. Because one of the art teacher I never had believes that the int ...
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24 Jul 2020, Friday
Location : Yangon, Myanmar

Oh, Hi ! Hokusai

I have always wanted to draw paintings in a Japanese traditional woodblock painting style called Ukiyo-e. Today, I was able to do that. I completed drawing the portrait ...
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03 Jul 2020, Friday
Location : 11580 metres above Dong Hoi, Vietnam

Simple Mid-Air Vanilla Physics

I left Hong Kong (and LPCUWC this morning) on a government organised relief flight. It was bittersweet. I will make sure I will see these people again somewhere in futur ...
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03 Jul 2020, Friday
Location : Downtown Yangon, Myanmar

The Coding Samurai

Life is a bit strange. I was reading about the Digital Nomad lifestyle, a few weeks ago before I came back from Hong Kong. And I decided to become one. For your informati ...
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21 Jun 2020, Sunday
Location : LPCUWC, Hong Kong

Revamping the look

Looking back at my first post from 20 Jul 2018, I am grateful that I was able to continue writing my blog over the years (although not consistently). Now, I decided to co ...
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04 May 2020, Monday
Location : LPCUWC, Ma On Shan, Hong Kong

Cogito, ergo sum

Disclaimer: This is a relatively long reflection on everything. This is about my experience and it is biased. I am aware that not everyone will have the same experience a ...
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24 Feb 2020, Monday
Location : 1,1582 m above Andaman Sea


If there is a phrase everyone (including me) needs right now, it would be 加油 (Cantonese – ga yau , Mandarin – jiā yóu). This is a very Hong Kong expression wh ...
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16 Jun 2019, Sunday
Location : Yangon, Myanmar

Talk to me in Binary

It has been more than a week since I arrived back in Myanmar. Honestly, it feels like getting off the time machine. The speed at which things happen in LPC is extremely q ...
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26 Jun 2019, Wednesday
Location : Than Daung Gyi, Kayin State, Myanmar

Mist on mountains

Great news. I have declared my victory on my Chemistry Extended Essay last week. I used computer programming to study the effect of molecular surface area on the physica ...
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