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By Pi


Web Development, LAMP, MEAN, Python, Hybrid Apps (Electron/Cordova), Arduino

Leisure Interests

Guitar, Bamboo Flute, Electronics, Animation, Tradigital Art, Interactive Media, Folktales


Blog, Maths & Natural Science, Tutorials (Productivity, LaTeX, IB)



I am Pi, an aspiring computer engineer and a freelance software developer. I currently plan to study Computer Engineering and Chinese Language at New York University Abu Dhabi on full scholarship. I have the intention to create accessible technology tools, which provides tangible benefits for the people, upon graduation.

Skills : In term of hard skills, I specialize in various forms of web development, computer programming and graphic design. Learning these skills out of curiosity have led me to work on multiple projects which can be seen in my Portfolio, Personal Projects, or on my Github.

Hobbies : I find many things interesting. In my leisure time, I love to create artworks and animations in both traditional and digital methods, play the guitar and bamboo flute, compose music, experiment with electronics and create useful tools for the community.

Credentials : I have been named as one of the top 75 GitHub Developers in Yangon Myanmar region, by githubstars.com. I won the Harvard Book Prize from the Harvard Club of Hong Kong in 2018. I received the Kiwanis Service Award in 2020 for devising innovative solutions to address community service needs.

Research Interests : If I were to remain in academia in future, my research interest would be in Swarm Intelligence and Robotics.

Writings : I have recorded and reflected two years of my high school experience (2018 - 2020) in Hong Kong on my blog.

Should you have any enquiries, please don't hesitate to drop me a message via the Contact tab.

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Personal Projects

These are the completed technology-related personal projects I have worked on previously. They range from personal game prototypes to free educational software for the community.

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Software / Web Apps / Websites

Zhong Wenmore_vert


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Zhong Wenclose

A free online revision platform for 2 years content of IB Mandarin Ab Initio Syllabus. It currently features over 1,000 Chinese vocabulary, over 120 grammar notes with listening practice and dictations. Now it has reached version 3.0.

My Blogmore_vert


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Pi's Blogclose

This is a blog I built using LAMP Stack and Material Design Lite library for UI.



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Download(OS X)


Youmin is a personal app for OS X to minimize distraction while using YouTube. This allows the user to access YouTube, but receive the result as text instead of thumbnails. Also, comments and Recommendation are not shown. It uses Node.js and Electron.

Indie Games / Experiments



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Access (Mobile only)


Cory (short for COllision theoRY) is a prototype game. The goal of the game is to throw an initial atom to the other atoms so that you can harvest as many atoms back to you as possible.



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Parselmouth is a snake game but the player controls the snake by saying up, down, left, right. It uses p5 js.

Arduino / Electronics

Ultrasonic 4WDmore_vert


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Ultrasonic Robotclose

This is a simple Ultrasonic Robot I built back in 2016 using Arduino and HC-SR04. It detects and avoids the obstacles.

Simple Handmore_vert


See Video

Simple Handclose

This is a simple robotic hand built for demonstration. It uses Arduino, two servo motors and a joystick.

Motor Shieldmore_vert


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4WD Robotclose

This is a simple 4WD robot built using Arduino and a Motor Shield.

Leisure Projects

These are the projects I develop in my leisure time, out of interest. They take different forms - from amateur computer animations to amateur music composition (and even cooking).

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Amateur Animation

Shizen no Utsukushii samore_vert


See Animation

Shizen no Utsukushii saclose

This is a short animation about a Japanese samurai. I finished the 4 minute animation in 3 months. I also composed this background music, in pentatonic scale.

Handwalk Animationmore_vert


See Animation


This is a traditional frame-by-frame animation which uses rotoscoping method on my own hand.

How Quick Traffic works?more_vert


See Animation

How Quick Traffic works?close

This is an animation to explain the idea for my app - for reducing traffic congestion - during a Startup competition back in 2015.



See Animation


This is a short animation I made for the talent night at my former high school.

Amateur Music Composition



Listen | View Lyrics

Mist (霧)close

An instrumental song which uses traditional Asian Instruments. I aim to capture the emotion of seeing the mist on the mountains, and the appreciation of nature and life events in general. The entire song is arranged so that it follows a pattern of alternating sadness/ appreciation and happiness/ excitement emotions. This song has lyrics.

Animate my lifemore_vert


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Animate My Lifeclose

This is a song I wrote back in 2013, during 8th Grade. The guitar chords are G, D, Em, C. I cannot find the instrumental music file anymore, just the lyrics remain.

Code Ymore_vert



Code Yclose

An instrumental song which blends the Asian pentatonic scale with modern styles.

Fragrant Harbourmore_vert



Fragrant Harbourclose

A trap beat I created in GarageBand using Pentatonic scale and traditional instruments.

Selected Artworks

Dragon Dancersmore_vert


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Dragon Dancersclose

This is a promotional banner for a Dragon Dance Team to recruit candidates. This shows the different roles the candidates can take in the Dragon Dance Team.

The Fallen Warriormore_vert


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The Fallen Warriorclose

This is a toon-rendering done in Cinema 4D and Photoshop.

Random Charactersmore_vert


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Random Charactersclose

These are some random characters I designed based on the traditional toys of Myanmar. Colors and styles are chosen accordingly so that they invoke a Ghibli feel.

Amateur Cooking

Soup Noodlesmore_vert


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Soup Noodlesclose

Just one of the bowls of soup noodles I cook for my friends.

Instant Noodlesmore_vert


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Instant Noodlesclose

A tutorial on how to turn instant noodles into a proper restaurant-quality bowl.


The following are my past commercial projects I worked for a paid fee, as a freelance software developer.


Welcome to Pi's laboratory !

Here lies his finished and ongoing, simple and complex, useful and useless experiments / tools-under-development, with code, computers, interactive media, with inspiration from everywhere.

This page automatically updates as Pi carry out his coding experiments. Therefore, what you see now is what he is doing now.

Note : Some of the experiments may require running on HTTPS protocol. If they are not working, simply replace the http in the URL with https.






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